Self Healing through Affirmations from Louise L Hay, Healing your body, mind and soul. A-Z diseases and its underlying negative emotions - Krupali Tayade

Heal your Self through Positive Affirmations!Heal your Body through Positive Affirmations!
List of Diseases from A-Z
 Underlying Negative Emotions cause particular Physical Illness!

Causes of physical symptoms according to Louise Hay is an excellent place if you are looking for healing yourself.
Illness however mild or severe is an indicator of your emotional state, caused by your thoughts.

I first came across this concept 6 years ago, when I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

I found this book while in the depths of depression and it turned my life drastically in a year. In this book, Louise outlines the causes of physical symptoms and the affirmations one must repeat to heal the physical illness.

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I have linked this special book which have transformed my life, and I feel you should definitely get one for yourself. There is a lot more in this book than just affirmations, including few exercises.

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ABDOMINAL CRAMPS:  Fear. Stopping the process.
Affirmation:  I trust the process of life. I am safe.

ABSCESS: Fermenting thoughts over hurts, slights and revenge.
Affirmation : I allow my thoughts to be free. The past is over. I am at peace.

ACCIDENTS: Inability to speak up for the self. Rebellion against authority. Belief in violence. 
Affirmation : I release in me that created this. I am at Peace. I am worthwhile.

ACHES: Longing for love. Longing to be held.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. I am loving and lovable.

ACNE: Not Accepting or disliking self.
Affirmation: I am a Divine expression of life. I love & accept myself wherever I am right now.

ADENOIDS: Family friction, arguments. Child feeling unwelcome, in a way.
Affirmation: Me as a child is wanted and welcomed and truly deeply loved in all the ways.

ADDICTIONS: Running away from the self, Unable to face the fear. Not knowing how to love thy self.
Affirmation: I now discover how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself.

ADDISON’S DISEASE: Severe emotional malnutrition. Anger at the self.
Affirmation: I lovingly take care of my own body, my mind, and my own emotions.

ADRENAL PROBLEMS: Defeatism. No longer caring for the self. Anxiety.
Affirmation : I love & approve of myself. It is truly safe to take care for myself.

AGEING PROBLEMS: Social beliefs. Old thinking. Fear of being one’s self. Rejection of the now.
Affirmation: I love and accept myself at whichever age I am. Each moment in life is perfect.

AIDS: Feeling defenseless and hopeless. A strong belief in not being good enough. Denial of the true inner self/being, or high sexual guilt.
Affirmation: I am Divine, Magnificent expression of Life. I rejoice in my sexuality. I rejoice in all that i am. I love myself.

ALCOHOLISM / ABUSE : Futility, guilt, inadequacy, self-rejection.
Affirmation: I live in the now. Each moment is new. I choose to see my own self-worth.I totally love and approve of myself.

ALLERGY & HAY-FEVER: You are allergic to a being who or yourself denies your power. Irritated to Life.
Affirmation: The world is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life.

ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: Desire to leave the planet. The inability to face life as it is.
Affirmation: Everything happens in the exact right time, space, sequence. Divine right action is taking place at each and every time.

AMNESIA: Fear. Running from life. Inability to stand up for the self.
Affirmation: Intelligence, courage and self worth they all are always present. It is safe to be alive.

ANAEMIA: Yes but, Attitude. Lack of Joy. Fear of Life. Feeling not good enough.
Affirmation: It is safe for me to experience happiness/joy in every area of my life. I love life.

ANKLE PROBLEMS: Inflexibility and guilt within. Inability to receive the utmost pleasure/ represent mobility & direction.
Affirmation: I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasures life has to offer me./ I move forward with ease in life.

ANORECTAL BLEEDING: Anger & Frustration.
Affirmation: I trust the process of life. Only right & good action always take place in my life.

ANOREXIA: Denying the self and life. Extreme fear of rejection.
Affirmation: It is safe for me. I am wonderful just as I am. I choose joy and self-acceptance.

ANUS: Releasing point. Dumping ground.
Affirmation: I easily and comfortably release which is no longer need in my life.

ANUS/ ABSCESS: Anger in relation, you don't want it to released.
Affirmation: It is safe to let go. Only that which I no longer need, leaves from my life completely.


ANUS, FISTULA: Incomplete releasing of trash. Holding onto garbage of the past.
Affirmation: I totally release the past with love. I am free. I am love.

ANUS, ITCHING: Guilt over the past. Remorse.
Affirmation: I lovingly forgive myself. I am free.

ANUS PAIN: Guilt. Desire for punishment. Not good enough.
Affirmation: The past is over. I choose to love & approve of myself at present.

ANXIETY / NERVOUSNESS: Distrust on the natural flow of life & the process of life.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself completely and I trust in the process of life. I am safe.

APATHY: Resistance to feeling. Deadening of the self. Fear.
Affirmation: It is safe to feel. I am open myself to life. I am willing to experience life.

APPENDICITIS: Fear. Fear of life. Blocking the flow of good.
Affirmation: I am safe & relax. I let life flow joyously.

APPETITE, EXCESSIVE: Fear. Needing protection. Judging the emotions.
Affirmation: I am safe. It is safe to feel. My feelings are normal & acceptable.

APPETITE, LOSS OF: Fear. Protecting the self. Distrusting life.
Affirmation: I love & approve of myself. I am safe. Life is safe & joyous.

ARM PROBLEMS: Represent the capacity & the ability to hold the experiences of life.
Affirmation : I lovingly hold & embrace my experiences with total ease & joy.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Resistance, tension. Hardened narrow-mindedness. Refusing to see good.
Affirmation: I am completely open to life as well as to joy. I choose to see everything with love.

ARTERIES: Carry the joy of life.
Affirmation: I am filled with joy. It flows through me with every beat of my heart.

ARTHRITIS: Feeling unloved, criticism, resentment, bitterness. Feeling not good enough.
Affirmation: I am love. I now choose to love and approve of myself with all my heart. I see others with love.

ARTHRITIC FINGERS: A desire to punish. Blame. Feeling victimized.
Affirmation: I see with love & understanding. I hold all of my experiences up to the light of love & acceptance.

ASPHYXIATING ATTACKS: Fear. Distrusting the life. Stuck in childhood.
Affirmation: It is safe to grow up. The world is safe. I am safe.

 Unresolved guilt. Smother love. Inability to breathe for one's self. Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying.
 It is safe now for me to take charge of my own life. I choose to be free.

 Frustration at not being accepted. Inability to move forward with ease.
 I love and approve of myself. I give permission myself to go ahead. It's safe to move.

 Represent the support of life.
 I know that life always supports me.


: Lack of support on emotional basis, or feeling unloved.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. Life supports and loves me.

-MIDDLE : Guilt. Stuck in all the stuff back there or Get off my back.
Affirmation: I release the past. I am completely free to move forward with all the love in my heart.

-LOWER: Financial woes and concerns. Fear of money. Lack of financial support.
Affirmation: I trust the process of life. All I need is taken care of. I am safe.

 Fear of life. Not wanting to be here.
 The child is safe and loved. The child is welcomed & cherished.

 Anger & Revenge thoughts. Experiences backing up.
 I release the past with love. I choose to voice only love.

 Scattered thinking. Not centred.
 I centre myself in safety & accept the perfection of my life. All is well.

: Fear, tension. Trying to control everything and not at all trusting in the process of life.
Affirmation: I am safe. I love and approve of myself. I trust life.

 Fear of parent. Usually Father
 This child is seen with love, with compassion & with understanding. All is well.

 Fear, Gulping life too quickly.
 There is time & space for everything i need to do. I am at peace.

 Karmic. You selected to come out that way. We choose our parents.
 Every experience is perfect for the growth process. I am totally at peace, wherever  I am.

: Feeling Dirty & Unloved
Affirmation: I love & approve of myself . I am loving & lovable.

 Anxiety. Holding on to old ideas. Fear of letting go. Being pissed off.
 I comfortably release the old & welcome the new in my life at ease. I am safe.

 Joy running out. Anger, But where?
 I am the total joy of life, expressing & receiving  in the perfect rhythm.

 Lack of joy in the decisions made in my life.
 I trust that right actions always take place in my life. I am at peace.

 Resistance. Lack of emotional protection.
 I gently flow with life & each and every new experience. All is well.

 Represents joy in the body,flowing freely.
 I am the total joy of life expressing & receiving. 

 Lack of joy. Lack of circulation ideas.
 Joyous new ideas are circulating within me freely.

-Anaemic: (SEE ANAEMIA)
-Blood Clotting:
 Closing down the complete flow of joy.
 I awaken new life within me. I flow.

HIGH (Hypertension)
: Longstanding emotional problems are not solved.
: Lack of love as a child. Defeatism. "Whats the use? It won't work anyway."
: I joyously release the past. I am at peace. 
: I now choose to live in the ever-joyous NOW. My life is a joy.

 Fear. Dislike of the self. Fear of others.
 I love approve of myself. I am safe.

Anger, Boiling over. Seething.
 I express love & joy. I am at peace.

 Represent the structure of the universe.
 I am well structured & balanced. 

: Rebelling against authority.
Affirmation: I am the one & only authority in my world for I am the only one who thinks in my mind.
 Mental pressure & tightness. Muscles can't stretch. Loss of mental mobility.
Affirmation: I breathe in life fully. I relax & trust the flow & the process of life.

 Represents the release of waste.
: The fear of letting go of the past/old & no longer needed.
Affirmation: I freely release the old and joyously welcome the new at complete ease.

 Represents the computer, the switchboard.
 Incorrect computerized beliefs. Stubborn. Refusing to change the old patterns.
Affirmation: It is easy for me to reprogram the computer of my mind. All of life is an amazing change & my life is ever new.

 Represents mothering & nurturing.
Affirmation: I take in & give out the nourishment  in a perfect balance. 

BREAST (left)
:Feeling unloved, refusal to nourish oneself. Putting everyone else first.
Affirmation: I am loved 
unconditionally & nourished all around me.

BREAST (right): Over protection, over bearing, difficulty in giving full love.
Affirmation:I embrace and trust this life knowing that I am very safe and fully loved.  I choose to love and be loved.

 Over mothering, Over protection, & Over-bearing attitudes. Cutting off nourishment.:
Affirmation I am free to be me & i allow others the freedom to be who they are.It is safe for all of us to grow up.

 Represents the ability to take in life.

: Fear or it's the refusal to take in life. Not feeling worthy at all to take up the space.
Affirmation: It is my birthright to live fully. I am free & worth loving. I now choose to live life fully.

 Feeling like a kid who can't do it right & isn't good enough. A failure. Loss
 I love & approve of myself. I care for me. I totally adequate at all times.

BRONCHITIS: Inflamed family environment. Arguments & Yelling. Sometime's silent.
Affirmation: I experience peace and harmony within myself and all around me. All is well.

: Self-punishment.
Affirmation: I love and cherish myself. I am kind and gentle with myself. All is well.

: Hopeless terror. Purging self hatred.
Affirmation: I am loved, nourished and supported by life. It is safe for me to be alive.

: Anger, burning up inside.
 I create only peace and harmony within myself and in my environment. I deserve to feel good.

 Repressed anger. Wanting to hit someone.
 Love relaxes & releases all unlike itself. 

 Represents power. Loose buttocks, Loss of power.
 I use my power wisely . I am strong. I feel safe. All is well.


 Hardened concepts & Ideas. Fear solidified.
 It is safe to see & experience new ideas & new ways. I am open & receptive to good.

 Festering words held back by the lips. Blame
 I create only joyful experiences in my loving world.

: What's eating at you? Deep hurt, secret or grief. Long Standing Resentment.
Affirmation: I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my life with joy. I love and approve of myself.

 Poisonous anger about personal injustices.
Affirmation: I release the past and allow love to heal every area of my life.

CAR SICKNESS: Fear. Bondage. Feeling of being trapped.
Affirmation: I move with ease through time & space, only love surrounds me.

CARPAL TUNNEL: Anger and frustrations at life's seeming injustices.
Affirmation: I now choose to create a life that is abundant. I am at ease.

Inability to see ahead with joy. Dark future.
Affirmation: Life is eternal & filled with joy. I look forward to every moment.

CHILDHOOD DISEASES: Belief in calendars & Social concepts & False laws. Childish behaviour in the adults around them.
Affirmation: The child is Divinely protected & surrounded by Love. We claim mental immunity.

CHILLS: Mental contraction. Pulling away & in. Desire to retreat
Affirmation: I am safe & secure at all times. Love surrounds me & protects me. All is well.

CHRONIC DISEASES: A refusal to change. Fear of the future. Not feeling safe.
Affirmation: I am willing to change & to grow. I create a safe new future.

: Clogging the channels of joy.
Affirmation: I choose to love life. My channels of Joy are wide open. It is safe to receive.

: Lack of joy or the lack of circulation of ideas.
 Joyous new ideas are circulating freely within me

: Too much going on at once. Mental confusion and disorder.
Affirmation: I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and all around me.

COLD SORES: Festering angry words and fear of expressing them.
Affirmation: I only create peaceful experiences because I love myself. All is well.

: Mental irritation. Annoyance with surroundings
Affirmation: This child only responds to love and loving thoughts. All is peaceful.

COLITIS: Over-exacting parents. Feeling of oppression & defeat. Great need fr affection
Affirmation: I love & approve of myself. I create my own joy. I choose to be a winner in life.

: Fear. Trying to escape from something or someone.
Affirmation: We surround you with safety and love. We create a space for you to heal. You are loved.

CONJUNCTIVITIS: Anger & Frustration at what you are looking in at life.
Affirmation: I see with eyes of love. There is a harmonious solution & i accept it now.

CONSTIPATION: Refusing to release old ideas
Affirmation: As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter. I allow life to flow through me.
CORONARY THROMBOSIS: Feeling alone & Scared. Not good enough. Don't do enough. Will never make it.
Affirmation: I am one with all life. The universe totally supports me. All is well.

: A desire to bark at the world. "Listen to me!"
Affirmation: I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways. I am loved.

CRAMPS: Tension. Fear. Gripping. Holding on.
Affirmation: I relax & allow my mind to be peaceful.


CRYING: Tears are the river of life. Shed in joy as well as sadness & fear.
Affirmation: I am peaceful with all of my emotions. I love & approve of myself.

CUSHING'S DISEASE: Mental imbalance. Over production of crushing ideas. A feeling of being over-powered
Affirmation: I lovingly balance my mind & my body. I now choose thoughts that make me feel good.

CUTS: Punishment for not following your own rules.
Affirmation: I create a life filled with rewards.

CYSTS: Running the old painful movie. Nursing hurts. A false growth.
Affirmation: The movies of my mind are beautiful because i choose to make them so. I love me.

CYSTIC FIBROSIS: A thick belief that life won't work for you. Poor me.
Affirmation: I love life & life loves me. I now choose o take in life fully & freely.


: Anger, hopelessness.
Affirmation: I now go beyond other peoples fears and limitations. I create my own life.

: Longing for what might have been. No sweetness left in life.
Affirmation: This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today.

: Fear and rejecting. Running off or away from something/someone.
Affirmation: My intake, assimilation and elimination are in perfect order. I am at peace with life.

 Flighty, scattered thinking.
Affirmation: I am deeply centered and at peace with life. It is safe for me to be alive and joyous.


: Not wanting to hear. Anger or too much turmoil
 I hear with Love

: Not being flexible, not able to change directions or accept new experiences.
 I easily flow with with new experiences, new directions and new changes.

EYE (Astigmatism):
 Fear of "seeing" the self
Affirmation: I am now willing to see my own beauty and magnificence.

EYES (Cataracts)
: Inability to see ahead with joy
Affirmation: Life is eternal and filled with Joy

EYE PROBLEMS: (Children):
 Not wanting to see what's going on in the family
 Harmony and joy and beauty and safety now surround the child.

EYE (Farsighted):
 Fear of the present
Affirmation: I am safe in the hear and now. I see that clearly

EYE (Nearsighted)
: Fear of the future.
Affirmation: I accept life and am always safe

: Looking at life through angry eyes. Angry at someone.
 I choose to see everyone and everything with joy and love.


 Fear, can't cope, blacking out what's really going on.
Affirmation: I am strong and powerful and I have the knowledge and ability to handle everything in my life

 Fear of the future or not wanting to move forward.
 I understand clearly and I am willing to change with the times. I am safe.

: Denial of the self and rejecting the feminine aspects within.
 I rejoice in the feminine. I love being a women and I love my body

: Anger, burning up.
 I am the cool, calm expression of peace and love

 Nursing a hurt from a partner, a blow to the feminine ego
Affirmation: I release the pattern in me that attracted this experience. I create only good in my life.

FINGER (Thumb)
: Worry, always thinking. Being 'under someone's thumb'.
Affirmation: My mind is at peace

FINGER (Index)
: Fear of authority, or egotistical; abusing your authority.
Affirmation: I am secure

: Responding to mass negativity. Putting too much faith in statistics.
Affirmation: I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar. I am free from all congestion and influence.


GAS PAIN (Flatulence): 
Undigested ideas or concerns.
Affirmation: I relax and let life flow through me with ease.

: Stress, feeling under pressure and strain.
 I am strong and capable. I am at peace and comfortable in every area of my life.

: Inability to back up decisions. Being wish-washy about life.
 I am a decisive person. I follow through and support myself with love


: Grasping on to tight, not wanting to let go. Not 'handling' things well.
 I choose to handle all my experiences with love and with joy and with ease.

: Self-criticism. Not wanting to accept what is going on
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. I see myself and what I do with eyes of love. I am safe.

 Squeezing all the joy out of life, in favor of money or position.
 I bring joy back to the center of my heart. I express love to all.

HEARTBURN (Re-flux): Clutching onto fear. Not trusting in the process of life.
Affirmation: I breathe freely and fully. I am safe. I trust the process of life.

 Lack of joy, dealing with issues from anger, not love.
 My heart beats to the rhythm of love

HEMORRHOIDS: Fear of deadlines. Afraid to let go and move on.
 I release all that is unlike love. There is time and space for everything I want to do

HERNIA: Ruptured relationships, feeling the burdens.
Affirmation: My mind is cleansed and free. I leave the past and move into the new. All is well.

HIP PROBLEMS: Fear of going forward in major decisions.
 I am in perfect balance. I move forward in life with ease and with joy at every age.
HIVES (rash or Urticaria): Small, hidden fears. Mountains out of molehills.
Affirmation: I bring peace to every corner of my life.

HYPERACTIVITY: Feeling pressured and frantic
Affirmation: I am safe. All pressure dissolves. I AM good enough.

: Resisting change. Not being able to take it all in.
Affirmation: I am safe everywhere in the Universe. I love myself and trust the process of life.


: Sexual guilt or pressure, feeling spite against a previous mate
 I now allow the full power of my sexuality to flow with ease and with joy

: Dread or anxiety about a recent or coming event
Affirmation: I digest and assimilate all new experiences peacefully and joyously

: Irritation, anger or annoyance about a recent situation.
Affirmation: I choose to be peaceful and harmonious.

INSOMNIA: It is associated with feelings of fear and guilt and not trusting the process of life. Anxiety issues.  
Affirmation: I lovingly release the day and slip into peaceful sleep, knowing tomorrow will take of itself.  


 Criticism, disappointment, failure. Shame. Reacting like a little kid.
 [Divine] Right is always taking place in my life. Only good comes from each experience. It is safe to grow up.

: Lumps of undissolved anger.
Affirmation: I dissolve all past problems with ease.

:  Stubborn ego and pride. Inability to bend. Inflexibility. Won't give in
Affirmation: Forgiveness. Understanding. Compassion. I bend, flow with ease & all is well.


: Fear of speaking up.
 I am flexible and flowing

 The feminine side. Represents receptivity, taking in, women, mother, love.
Affirmation: My feminine energy is beautifully balanced.

 Fear of the future, not being able to carry things forward.
Affirmation: I move forward with confidence and joy, knowing that all is well in my future.

 Resistance to change. Fear, anger, hatred. Liver is the seat of anger and rage.
Affirmation: My mind is cleansed & free. I leave the past & move into the new. All is well.

: Depression, grief or fear of life. Not feeling worthy.
 I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life. I lovingly live life to the full

  A giving up. Better to die than stand up for one's self. Anger and punishment.
Affirmation:I speak up for myself freely and easily. I claim my own power. I love and approve of myself. I am free and safe.


: Fear of no longer being wanted.
Affirmation: I am balanced and peaceful in all changes of cycles and know that I am loved.

 Returning to the "safety" of childhood. Demanding care and attention.
 I am safe and life is peaceful. The intelligence of the Universe operates at every level of life.

: Sexual fears, or fear of being close, letting someone in too close. Feeling driven or pressured.
 I relax into the flow of life and let life provide all that I need easily and comfortably. I love Life!

: Rejection of one's femininity. Guilt or feeling "dirty".
Affirmation: My bodily processes are a natural part of life. I love and approve of myself.


: Fear, rejecting an idea or experience.
Affirmation: I am safe. I trust the process of life to bring only good to me.

NECK PROBLEMS: Refusing to see another's side or position. Stubbornness. Who/what is being a pain in the neck?
Affirmation: It is in flexibility i see 


: Feeling there is no support left in life.Affirmation:I stand up for myself and Life supports me in unexpected, loving ways. 

: Fear, feeling a deep need for emotional protection. Running away from feelings, insecurity.Over sensitivity. Often represents fear and shows a need for protection. Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and a resistance to forgive. Running away from feelings. Insecurity, self-rejection and seeking fulfillment.
Fat issues at certain areas of Body:
Arms: Anger at being denied love.
Belly: Anger at being denied nourishment.
Hips: Lumps of stubborn anger at the parents.
Thighs: Packed childhood anger. Often rage at the father.
Affirmation:I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love and approve of myself.


: Self punishment, feeling emotional guilt.
Affirmation: I lovingly release the past. They are free and I am free. All is well in my heart now.

PANCREAS: Represents the sweetness of life.

PANCREATITIS: Rejection. Anger and frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself and i alone create sweetness and joy in my life.

PARALYSIS: Fear, Terror. Escaping a situation or a person. Resistance.
Affirmation: I am one with all of life. I am safe and i am totally adequate for all situations.

PARKINSON'S DISEASE: Fear and intense desire to control everything and everyone.
Affirmation: I relax knowing that i am safe. Life is for me and i trust the process of life.

PEPTIC ULCER: Fear. A belief that you are not good enough. Anxious to please.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. I am at peace with myself. I am wonderful.

PHLEBITIS: Anger and frustration. Blaming others for the limitation and lack of joy in life.
Affirmation: Joy now flows freely within me and i am at peace with life.

PILES: See Haemorrhoids.

PETIT MAL: See Epilepsy.

PINK EYE: Anger and frustration. Not wanting to see.
Affirmation: I release the need to be right. I am at peace. I love and approve of myself.

PITUITARY GLAND: Represents the control centre.
Affirmation: My mind and body are in perfect balance.

PLANTAR WART: Anger at the very basis of your understanding. Spreading frustration about the future.
Affirmation: I move forward with confidence and ease. I trust and flow with the process of life.

PNEUMONIA: Desperate. Tired of life. Emotional wounds that are not allowed to heal.
Affirmation: I freely take in Divine ideas which are filled with the breath and the intelligence of life. This is a new moment.

POLIO: Paralysing jealousy. A desire to stop someone.
Affirmation: There is enough for everyone. I create my good and my freedom with loving thoughts.

POST NASAL DRIP: Inner crying. Childish tears. Victim.
Affirmation: I acknowledge and accept that i am the creative power in my world. I now choose to enjoy my life.

(P.M.S) POST MENSTRUAL SYNDROME : Allowing confusion to reign. Giving power to outside influences. Rejection of the feminine processes.
Affirmation: I now take charge of my mind and my life. I am powerful, dynamite woman. Every part of my body functions perfectly. I love me.

PSORIASIS: Fear of being hurt. Deadening the senses and the senses. Refusing to accept responsibility for our own feelings.
Affirmation: I am alive to the joys of living. I deserve and accept the very best in life. I love and approve of myself.

PROSTRATE: Represents the masculine principle.
Affirmation: I accept and rejoice in my masculinity

PROSTATE PROBLEMS: Mental fears weakening the masculinity. Sexual pressure and feelings of guilt or inadequacy.
Affirmation: I accept my own power. I embrace life and feel young in spirit. I love and approve of myself.

PUBIC BONE: Represents protection.

Represents both attraction and hiding. Neither children nor the elderly have pubic hair.

Anger at the inability to make decisions. Wishy-washy people.
Affirmation: I approve of myself and my decisions are always perfect for me.


A strong belief that you cannot speak up for yourself and ask for your needs.
Affirmation: It is my birth right to have my needs met. I now ask for what i want with love and with ease.


Anger. A belief  that violence is the answer.
Affirmation: I am surrounded indwelled with peace.

RECTUM: See Anus.

RASH: Irritation over delays. A babyish way to get attention.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. I am peace with the process of life.

RESPIRATORY AILMENTS: Fear of taking in life fully.
Affirmation: I am safe. I love my life.

RHEUMATISM: Feeling victimised. Lack of love. Chronic bitterness. Resentment.
Affirmation: I create my own experiences. As i love and approve of myself and others they get better and better.

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: Deep criticism of authority. Feeling very put upon.
Affirmation: I am my own authority. I love and approve of myself. Life is good.

RICKETS: Emotional malnutrition. Lack of love and security.
Affirmation: I am secure and nourished by the love of the Universe itself.

RIGHT SIDE OF BODY: Giving out, letting go, masculine energy,men, the father.
Affirmation: I balance my masculine energy easily and effortlessly.

RINGWORM: Allowing others to get under your skin. Not feeling good enough or clean enough.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. No person, place or thing has any power over me. I am free.

Carrying the burdens of life. Helpless and hopeless.
Affirmation:  I stand tall and free. I love and approve of me. My life gets better everyday.


Sagging lines on face comes from sagging thoughts in the mind. Resentment of life.
Affirmation: I express the joy of living & allow myself to totally enjoy every moment of every day. I become young again.

SCABIES: Infected thinking. Allowing others to get under your skin.
Affirmation:  I am the living, loving, joyous expression of life. I am my own person.

SCIATICA: Being hypocritical. Fear of money & of the future.
Affirmation: I move into my greater mood. My good is everywhere & i am safe & secure.

SCOLIOSIS: See Round Shoulders

SCRATCHES: Feeling life tears at you, that life is a ripoff.
Affirmation:  I am grateful for my life's generosity to me. I am blessed.

SEA SICKNESS: Fear. Fear of Death. Lack of control.
Affirmation: I am totally safe in the Universe. I am at peace everywhere. I trust life.

SENILITY: Returning to the so called safety of childhood. Demanding care & attention. A form of control those around you. Escapism.
Affirmation: Divine protection. Safety. Peace. The intelligence of the Universe operates at every level of life.

SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA: A belief that one is not good enough that destroys the very joy of life.
Affirmation: The child lives & breathes the joy of life,& is nourished by love. God works miracles everyday.

 Running away from the self, family or from life.
Affirmation: I am at home in the Universe. I am safe and secure and understood.

Are meant to carry joy not burdens.

SHOULDER PROBLEMS: Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Feeling like life is a burden.
 I choose to allow all of my experiences to be joyous and loving.

SHINGLES: Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fear & tension. Too sensitive.
Affirmation: I am relaxed & peaceful because i trust the process of life. All is well in my world.

: Irritation to someone, usually someone close to you.
Affirmation: I choose to declare peace and harmony with all the individuals around me. I surround my self with love and goodwill.

SKIN:  Protects our individuality. A sense organ.

 Anxiety, fear, feeling threatened. Old buried guck.
Affirmation: I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven & forgotten. I am free in this moment.

: Feeling unsupported in life.
Affirmation: Life supports all of my thoughts; therefore, I love and approve of myself and all is well.

: Ignoring 'gut reactions', or your own intuitions.
Affirmation: I trust my inner voice. I am strong, wise and powerful.

: Holding in angry words. Feeling unable to express the self.
Affirmation: I release all restrictions, and I am free to be me.

: Stubborn refusal to let go of old patterns.
Affirmation: I release all that is unlike love and joy in my mind. I move from the past into the new and fresh and vital.

: I release all restrictions, and I am free to be me.
Affirmation: I release, I relax and let go. I am safe in life.

Spine: Flexible support of life.
Affirmation: I am supported by life

Spinal Curvature: The inability to flow with the support of life. Fear & trying to hold onto new ideas. Distrusting life. Lack of integrity. No courage of convictions.
Affirmation: I release all fears. I now trust the process of life. I know that life is for me. I stand straight and tall with love.

SPLEEN: Obsessions. Being obsessed about things.
Affirmation: I love & approve of myself. I trust the process of life to be there for me. I am safe. All is well

SPRAINS: Anger & Resistance. Not wanting to move in a certain direction in life.
Affirmation: I trust the process of life to take me only to my highest good. I am at peace.

STERILITY: Fear & resistance to the process of life./ Not needing to go through the parenting experience.
Affirmation: I trust in the process of life. I am always in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time. I love & approve of myself.

STIFFNESS: Rigid, stiff thinking.
Affirmation: I am safe enough to be flexible in my mind

Un-bending bull-headedness
Affirmations: It is safe to see other view points.

STOMACH: Holds nourishment. Digest ideas & feelings.
Affirmation: I digest life with ease

STOMACH & INTESTINAL PROBLEMS: Dread, fear of the new, or not feeling nourished.
Affirmation: Life agrees with me. I assimilate the new every moment of everyday. All is well. I relax & allow my mind to be peaceful.

: Insecurity, lack of self-expression. Not being allowed to cry.
Affirmation: Life is change, and I adapt easily to the new. I accept life - past, present and future.

STUTTERING: Insecurity. Lack of expression. Not being allowed to cry.
Affirmation: I am free to speak up fro myself. I am now secure in my own Expression. I only communicate with Love.

SWELLING: Being stuck in thinking. Clogged, painful ideas.
Affirmation: My thoughts flow freely & easily. I move through ideas with ease.



Strong belief in being a victim & unclean. Helpless to the seeming attitudes of others
Affirmation: Others only reflect the good feelings i have about myself. I love & approve of all that i am.

A need to release angry festering thoughts.
Affirmation: I allow the love from my own heart to wash through me & cleanse & heal every part of my body & my emotions.

: Being indecisive, not being able to break down ideas for analysis and decisions.
Affirmation: I make my decisions based on the principles of truth, and I rest securely knowing that only right action is taking place in my life.

Refusal to listen. Not hearing the inner voice. Stubbornness

I trust my higher self. I listen with love to my inner voice. I release all that is unlike the action of love.

: Not accepting masculine principles, or the masculinity within.
Affirmation: Not accepting masculine principles, or the masculinity within.

Avenue of expression. Channel of Creativity.

The inability to speak up for oneself. Swallowed anger. Stifled creativity.Refusal to change
Affirmation: Its okay to make noise. I express myself freely & joyously. I speak up for myself with ease. I express my creativity. I am willing to change.

Feeling sexually abused or exploited. Feelings of guilt, shame or repressed sexual feelings,or being intimate with the wrong person.
Affirmation: I let go off my past, I am free and feeling good about myself. I am doing right things at present.

: Humiliation. Feeling repressed or put down. Feeling as if you never get to do what you want.
Affirmation: I move beyond old limitations and allow myself to express freely and creatively.

TONSILLITIES: Fear. Repressed emotions. Stifled Creativity.
Affirmation: My good now flows freely. Divine ideas express through me. I am at peace.

TOES: Represents the minor details of the future.
Affirmation: All details take care of themselves.

Wasting away from selfishness. Possessive. Cruel thoughts. Revenge
Affirmation: As i love & approve of myself, I create a joyful, peaceful world to live in.

: Nursing old hurts and shocks. Building on remorse
Affirmation: I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day.


: Fear, a strong belief that you are not good enough. "What is eating away at you?"
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself. I am at peace. I am calm.

 Feeling pissed off! Usually at the opposite sex or lover.
Affirmation: I release the pattern in my consciousness that created this condition. I am willing to change. I love and approve of myself.

 Represents the home of creativity


Anger at mate. Sexual guilt. Punishing the self
Affirmation: Others mirror the love & self approval i have for myself. I rejoice in my sexuality.

: Standing in a situation you hate. Feeling over worked and over burdened.
Affirmation:I stand in truth and live and move in joy. I love life, and circulate freely.

Sexual guilt. Need for punishment. Belief that the genitals are sinful or dirty.
Affirmation: I loving & joyously accept my sexuality & its expression.

VERTIGO: Flighty, Scattered thinking. A refusal to look.
Affirmation: I am deeply centered and peaceful in life. I am safe for me to be alive and joyous.

Not belonging. Feeling completely outside of things. Not one of the group.
Affirmation: I am the very centre of life & I am totally connected in love.

VULVA: Represents vulnerability


Little expression of hate. Belief in ugliness.
Affirmation: I am the love and the beauty of life in full expression.

Not giving mental space to create a firm foundation.
Affirmation: I open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of space for me to grow and change.

WRIST: Represents movements & ease.
 I handle all my experiences with wisdom, with love & ease. 


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